What is the difference between a zoned audio system and a 'whole house' system?

Multi zoned audio is a more elaborate system that is more versatile than a whole house audio system. Each "zone" of the system is independent  the others. For example, you can listen to Jazz in the kitchen from
a CD player while someone else can enjoy a classic
rock tune from an audio DVD at the same time without disturbing the other listener. These can be set from a small 4 zone system to an elaborate 96 zones!

The more sources (inputs to the system such as CD player, DVD player, Cable box etc...) and more zones the higher the cost. A whole house audio system is a simpler way to enjoy music in the home at a more affordable budget. Whatever the source of music,
such as iPods, CD players etc..., that's what will be heard in every room. Volume controls are placed in
each room to control how many rooms are listening
but the same music will be heard in all rooms when turned up. There is no flexibility with music choices
per room but this is a more affordable solution.