Guy J. Harnett

Guy J Harnett, President and CEO of Sight & Sound Communications Corp., has an extensive background in the technical media industry.

He was hired by Orange County Cablevision in October
1984 as an installation technician for cable television services. In 1989, when Orange County Cablevision changed its name
to Cablevision Industries, he was promoted to the position of Service Technician. In 1990, he was promoted again to the position of a Regional Technical Trainer, covering an area of New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, to train personnel in the proper use of safety equipment.

One year later, he was promoted to be in charge of
maintaining cable services including fiber optics, trunk and feeder distribution lines. In 2001 he was promoted once
again to the Technical Liaison for technical contracting firms
for Time Warner Cable that were hired for the complete
system upgrade to digital services. He has received the following formal, technical training in the Television and Communications fields: NCTI (National Cable Television Institute), ATC (American Television and Communications Corp.-Denver CO), Magnavox CATV Systems training (Boston, MA), Orange County Community College (Drafting 1988, Electronics Mathematics), SCTE (Society of Cable Television Engineers Certified Installer program) He has also attended and taught numerous seminars and workshops at Orange County Cablevision, Cablevision Industries and Time Warner Cable in Middletown NY. In May 0f 2004, he became a
member of CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) and obtained a Level I Installer Certification.

In 2005 he obtained the certification of Level II. The following certifications have been obtained: NCTI-Installer, Service Technician, System Technician, Advanced Technician and
Digital Installer. ATC- Installation Instructor. CEDIA-Basics
Boot Camp, Level I Installer, Level II Installer, enrolled in Designer Level I.

Mr. Harnett is retired as past President of the Eagle Engine
Co. No 2 fire department in Middletown NY with
12 years of services.